Hip Fractures

As a weight-bearing joint, conditions in the hip can develop through injuries, chronic deterioration, infections, or unknown causes such as osteoporosis.

Hip Fracture Care in Canada

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Over 3,000 hip fractures related to osteoporosis occur annually in Alberta. Osteoporosis can lead to breakage of any bone. Hip fractures are the most serious, oftentimes fatal, if left untreated. Moving Alberta to the forefront of hip fracture prevention and surgical care is important as the population increases and ages.

Our Work Related to Hip Fractures

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Surgical Site Infections

Different approaches to monitor surgical site infections may lead to different results and trending patterns. National Surgical Quality Improvement Program reports total surgical site infection rates that are consistently higher than Alberta Health Services Infection Prevention and Control Program.

Cost-effective Clinical Program

A hip fracture liaison service that was implemented in two hospitals in Alberta, Canada, co-managed by a nurse and physician, was cost-effective and improved initiation of osteoporosis medication following hip fracture.

Body Mass Index

The purpose of this study was to retrospectively compare outcomes in primary hip and knee arthroplasty for patients with increased body mass index and those with normal body mass index .

Hip Fracture Surgery Delay

The goal of this study was to determine how time to surgery affects 30- and 90-day mortality by age and to explore the impact of preoperative comorbid burden and sex.