Help Us Do More

We have the first data module of the MAP to MOTION up and running. Now we need your help with the second.

Up to One's Knees

As a weight-bearing joint, conditions in the knee are common and not only painful, but disabling.

You can help bring experts together to build a comprehensive, informational map about knee conditions.

Together, We Can Build the MAP to MOTION

Each person’s care journey is personal, which influences expectations for treatment outcomes.

Help Break the Barriers

Specialist waiting lists are currently very long, those waiting for surgery are struggling, and little is known about those seeking treatment privately. Clinical leaders, researchers, and innovators are taking action to tackle health system barriers causing Albertans to suffer.

We need your help to amass information around knee conditions to support them.


Download the Case for Support

Help Build the MAP to MOTION (5.3 MB)
Up to One’s Knees (0.2 MB)

The Impact is Close to Home

You can help your aunt walk a block.

You can help your neighbour do a flight of stairs.

You can help your mother kneel in prayer.

You can help your employees return to the worksite.

You can help your friend recover from a soccer sprain.