Share your Story

ABJHI identifies service delivery improvements that provide better patient care for Albertans with bone and joint health issues—but we don’t do it alone. We work closely with partners in the healthcare system, researchers, independent organizations, and members of the public.

Tell Us Your Story


At ABJHI, we use stories to talk about gaps, challenges, and improvements in terms of real lives and real impact.

Innovation doesn’t happen overnight⁠—from the laboratory where researchers seek new knowledge to defeat disease and repair injury, to physicians and other clinicians who put new knowledge into practice, to health administrators who set standards and parameters around services, products, and practices. Stories shared from our community helps to inform and inspire change.

Your story may not seem extraordinary to you, but on the road of continuous improvement every experience and outcome, positive or negative, makes the difference.


If you are unsure of where to begin, here are some suggestions to think about:

People with a bone or joint condition

  • Tell us about your condition. When and how did it start? How long has it impacted you?
  • How has the condition or issue impacted your activities (ex. daily tasks, work life, hobbies, family time, fitness)?
  • What kinds of treatments have you tried and what impact have they had on your life?
  • What did you do or are you doing on your own to try and manage your condition?
  • What are some of the challenges you face in dealing with your condition?
  • How has this experience impacted the decisions you make today?
  • What was the best or most positive aspect of the health care experience(s)?
  • What was the least positive aspect of the health care experience(s)?
  • Is there any information that would have been helpful to have about your condition?

Care Providers & Researchers

  • What circumstances led to the issue or improvement?
  • In what ways did those involved help you or create challenges for you?
  • What attracted you to this cause?
  • How does this experience impact the decisions you/your team/your patients make today?