Catch a break economics

Combining forces with the Bone and Joint Health Strategic Clinical Network, Health Link, and a multidisciplinary evaluation team (STOP-Fracture), we helped implement a more cost-effective Catch a Break service across the province.


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A preliminary economic evaluation demonstrated Catch a Break was 85% cost effective with recommendations to move it to cost savings. 
In the initial year, Catch a Break operated in the Edmonton and Calgary Zones. It was time to implement the recommendations and make the program a permanent province-wide service.

Problems to Solve

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  • Reduce intervention costs by 25%
  • Determine resourcing for program expansion


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With the STOP-Fracture research findings in mind, cohort definitions were refined. We also collaborated on refining processes for contacting patients and their family physicians. We engaged with those involved in fracture care (family physicians, cast clinics etc.) to spread the word about the program.

Tangible Outputs

  • Refined case definitions
  • Revised Health Link scripts and letters

Decision Supports

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Fewer people with trauma-based fractures were unintentionally contacted. And the new processes for contacting patients and their family physicians streamlined the program. Catch a Break became a permanent service offered province-wide. An update in 2019 determined more than 18,500 Albertans have been contacted since the program began. For every 10,000 patients screened, the service is estimated to have helped prevent 14 fractures including 4 hip fractures.