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Research Requests

ABJHI welcomes applications for data extracts and/or to collaborate on research projects in areas that fit with our research priorities. Allocation of ABJHI resources to support and/or collaborate on research is determined based on:

  1. Fit with research priorities;
  2. Potential patient impact;
  3. Feasibility of research; and
  4. Availability of funding and resources.

All research projects must be ethically approved, and applications that include requests for data from the ABJHI repository must undergo review by our Research Advisory Committee. The Research AdvisoryCommittee meets quarterly, and applications must be received two weeks prior to be considered for review:

Application Deadline Advisory Committee Meeting Date
July 31, 2018 August 14, 2018
November 9, 2018 December 4, 2018
January 22, 2019 February 13, 2019
May 1, 2019 May 23, 2019


NOTE: ABJHI cannot provide identifiable health information for research activities, irrespective of ethics approval. 

There is a $1,600 application fee to cover costs associated with the review process and preparation of data extract(s). Should the application be excluded or rejected at any stage of the process, a pro-rated refund will be issued.


ABJHI Research Priorities

ABJHI has established the following research priorities to complement the ongoing quality improvement work in Alberta.

Improving Quality of Care for Albertans with OA

  • Developing and/or improving effectiveness of conservative management strategies
  • Improving surgical outcomes
  • Developing and/or improving patient-oriented models of care

The Impact of Obesity

  • Developing and/or improving obesity management guidelines and strategies
  • Reducing obesity-related risks and/or improving risk management strategies
  • Optimizing care for high-risk obese patients

Improving Outcomes Associated with Osteoporosis and Hip Fracture

  • Developing and/or improving strategies to reduce incidence of fracture
  • Improving patient outcomes and ability to maintain independence post fracture
  • Reducing hip fracture-related mortality

Models of Care in Inflammatory Arthritis

  • Improving outcomes of chronic disease management strategies
  • Increasing access to expertise and care in inflammatory arthritis
  • Developing and/or improving patient-oriented models of care

The ABJHI Data Repository contains data on bone and joint health patients from multiple custodians (AHS and physicians). The picture below demonstrates the type of data that may be available. Please note: the time periods, comprehensiveness of data collection, and scope of available data may vary between data sources (e.g. some data is available for all bone and joint patients, while other data is limited to select surgical procedures). The availability of data will depend upon the specific needs of your application.


Application Process

Complete the application form below to begin the process.

NOTE: The application fee of $1,600 covers expenses related to the application review process and preparation of data extracts. Complex data extractions and/or research projects may require additional costs. In these cases, all incremental costs would be submitted to the researcher for approval prior to beginning any work. Should the request be rejected at any stage of the process, a pro-rated refund will be issued.

1. Submit Application

  • Complete application form below
  • Remit application fee of $1,600 online or by cheque payable to Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute
  • Review of application will begin when payment is received

2. Application Review

  • ABJHI will review for completeness, fit with priorities & required resources
  • Response within 2 weeks

3. Advisory Committee Review

  • All research applications involving data from our multi-custodian data repository will be reviewed by the ABJHI Research Advisory Committee to ensure appropriate data governance and research methodology
  • Applications for prospectively collected data may or may not undergo review by ABJHI Research Advisory Committee, at ABJHI’s discretion

4. Complex Project Scoping (if needed)

  • The application fee includes up to 2 hours of analyst time for data preparation, cleaning, and extraction (which should be sufficient for uncomplicated requests)
  • Complex requests that require additional resources and/or have complex data requirements will need to be fully scoped out
  • ABJHI will submit additional scoping requirements, including any associated costs, to the applicant for approval prior to beginning any work

ABJHI accepts PayPal or cheque. After submitting the application form below, you will be automatically taken to PayPal to process payment of the application fee. Alternatively, you can mail a cheque payable to Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute to the address below:

Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute
400, 3280 Hospital Drive NW
Calgary, AB T2N 4Z6

Application Form

1. Primary Contact

The primary contact is the person to whom all questions about the application will be directed.

Name (required):
E-Mail (required):
Phone Number:
Mailing Address:

2. Principal Investigator

If the Principal Investigator is same as Primary Contact, check here:, otherwise specify below.

Phone Number:
Mailing Address:

3. Investigator Team

Please describe any key partnerships (e.g. Strategic Clinical Networks, universities, industry, collaborators), including names and title/role of collaborators, sub-investigators, and/or key knowledge users

4. Study Details

You may have answered similar questions in your research ethics board application. Please feel free to copy/paste text from your research ethics board application into this form (even if the questions are not a perfect match/exactly the same).

Study Title (required):
Lay Abstract (required):

Briefly describe your project in plain language so a lay reader with no experience in your research area will understand (250 words/2000 characters)
Description (required):

Provide an overview of the problem, significance, research questions and objectives, proposed methods, and potential impact; if this is a data request, please list the specific data elements and/or the variables of interest and time period (1500 words/12000 characters)
Potential Impact (required):

Briefly describe how the proposed research project could have impact on patients, health care providers or the health care system (250 words/2000 characters)
Is this research project linked to any other research projects: NoYes, specify:

5. Ethics Approval

Is ethics approval required for your research project: YesNo, explain:
If yes, has ethics approval been obtained: YesNo
Attach copy of approval letter:
(max size: 3 MB)

6. Study Protocol

Do you have a study protocol available? YesNo
Attach a copy of study protocol to support your application:
(max size: 3 MB)

7. Timeline

Please specify the proposed start date and a short summary of when the requested services are required by

Proposed start: Start date is flexible
Summary of timeline(s) and milestone(s):

8. Support Required

Briefly describe the support required from ABJHI for your project (250 words/2000 characters):
Requested Service(s):
(check all that apply)
DataData Linkage(s)Data AnalysisData CollectionForm DesignAnalysis Plan DevelopmentStudy Design and Execution (e.g. RCT, prospective cohort study)Report, Manuscript, Abstract WritingProject ManagementLetter of SupportOther (describe):
Requested Resource(s):
(check all that apply)
Unknown/UnsureData AnalystBiostatisticianProject ManagerSenior ResearcherOther (describe):
Have you done an environmental scan (Alberta clinicians, researchers, SCNs, etc) to determine if similar research is being conducted? YesNo

9. Funding and Resources

Please describe the type of funding that applies and summarize the funding and human resources available to you

Funding Support:
(check all that apply)
Grant fundedIndustry sponsoredMatch funding or organizational supportUnfundedHuman resources (in-kind)Other (describe):
Additional detail:

10. Alignment with ABJHI Research Priorities

Briefly describe how the proposed research project aligns with the ABJHI mandate and research priorities (listed at top of page)

Alignment (250 words/2000 characters) (required):

By checking this box, I confirm that the information provided is correct.

A copy of the submitted application will be emailed to you for your records. After you submit the form below, you will be automatically forwarded to PayPal to submit the application fee.

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