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Brokering Change

Broker Change and Improvement

One of ABJHI’s greatest strengths is our ability to bring together the clinicians, managers, policymakers and researchers whose collaboration is necessary to bring about improvement and efficiency in health service delivery.

We’re effective as a third-party broker because our team includes clinicians, researchers and former health care managers who are acutely aware of the needs and concerns of different health professionals and the work issues they face every day.

Alignment between clinicians, managers, policymakers and researchers can sometimes be fragile. Each group has its unique set of guiding principles, pressure points and measures of success. The outcome can be misunderstanding and unproductive conflict at a time when collaboration is needed to move forward.

ABJHI positions itself as an independent third party to build a high level of trust and confidence among individuals and groups. As a trusted broker, ABJHI can engage disparate parties and help bring their unique and valuable assets and expertise to the table. Equally important, ABJHI uses its experience in this area to help the parties find the common ground needed to quickly gain traction while maintaining an open atmosphere that welcomes opinion and encourages collaboration.

Part of our success as a broker of change and improvement in bone and joint health care is our singular focus on this area of medicine.

Bone and joint health care is what we work on every day. Nothing else. Our knowledge about every aspect of it – services, practices, protocols, devices, drugs, medical facilities – helps establish confidence and trust with clinicians, managers, policymakers and researchers. We know the terms they use and speak their vocabulary.

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