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Measuring for Success

Measurement for Improvement

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. ABJHI backs up our care paths with the capability to build comprehensive frameworks for measuring outcomes against international benchmarks using carefully selected data elements and key performance indicators.

Our Measurement Frameworks are built around six essential dimensions of health care quality: safety, effectiveness, efficiency, accessibility, appropriateness and acceptability. By collecting and analyzing data in these dimensions, ABJHI builds a picture of performance in areas such as post-surgery complications, surgery time, length of stay in hospital, waiting time for surgery, and patient mobilization. We compare the results with the benchmarks.

ABJHI can use these results to analyze how large public health agencies, individual hospitals and clinics, and individual health care providers are performing against the benchmarks – all for the purpose of continuously improving performance.

The Health Quality Council of Alberta’s six dimensions of quality

The Health Quality Council of Alberta's six dimensions of quality

Finding the Gaps and Closing Them

ABJHI conducts analysis of health systems – large and small – to find gaps between the practices and protocols used and those in the integrated care paths we design for them.

We begin with an audit of current practices and protocols, which is conducted in an atmosphere of collaboration. The audit is followed by a detailed analysis of where gaps exist, the gap magnitude and the causes of the gaps. This information is used to generate recommendations for the actions necessary to fully adopt and follow the integrated care path.

By working with our clients to recognize and close the gaps, we help them improve their performance against the international benchmarks for best practices, which are built into the care paths.


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