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Managing Research Studies

Manage Research Studies

ABJHI’s research management services are available for studies related to musculoskeletal health care service delivery as well as medical device and drug effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and safety.

We offer a comprehensive service package including study design, study management, data collection, data measurement and interpretation, and results reporting. Alternatively, a more limited combination of services or a single area of support can be provided.

In designing health care service delivery studies, ABJHI is guided by six essential dimensions of health care quality – safety, effectiveness, efficiency, accessibility, appropriateness and acceptability. Key performance indicators (KPI) are selected in each dimension and the essential data elements for the KPIs are identified.

  • Randomized controlled study
    • Double-blind
    • Single-blind
    • Non-blind
  • Non-randomized trial
  • Cohort study
    • Prospective cohort
    • Retrospective cohort
    • Time series
  • Case-control study
  • Cross-sectional study
  • Community survey
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