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Continuous Improvement Reporting

Continuous Improvement Results

ABJHI provides confidential performance tracking and reporting for individual health care providers, large public health agencies, individual hospitals and clinics.

ABJHI tracks a wide range of key performance indicators and compares results in each of them to international benchmarks and, if available, to a peer group.

The results are reported confidentially and can be used to encourage continuous improvement by individual health care providers, large agencies or facilities such as hospitals and clinics.

Depending on the key performance indicators selected for reporting, results can show:

  • Patient outcomes, such as physical function recovery and pain reduction;
  • start of mobilization;
  • adverse events;
  • utilization of different resource types;
  • waiting times;
  • administration of antibiotics;
  • surgery time;
  • patient satisfaction;
  • and dozens more.

Results are adjusted for patient characteristics and comorbidities.

Patient Privacy Safeguards

ABJHI uses strictly controlled practices and protocols designed to safeguard the privacy of all patient information with which we come into contact.

Where required by clients or privacy authorities, ABJHI prepares a comprehensive privacy impact assessment setting out a detailed flow of data and the mechanisms used to safeguard data privacy along each step of the data handling process. We also work collaboratively with privacy authorities, where required, to ensure our privacy practices and protocols meet their standards.


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