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Care Path Design

A Recognized Leader in Designing Integrated Care Paths

ABJHI is a recognized leader in designing integrated care paths for bone and joint patients that are based on the latest evidence of best practices and best products.

By “integrated”, we mean care paths that bring together different health care professionals to work in a multidisciplinary partnership with the patient firmly at the centre, rather than handing off the patient from one care provider to the next.

Integrated care is critical because most disorders that attack the bones and joints are chronic, meaning they require ongoing, possibly long-term, treatment that is multifaceted and involves different medical disciplines.

“Off the shelf” is not in ABJHI’s vocabulary when it comes to care paths. While practices and protocols are standardized based on evidence, the manner and methods used to implement them are tailored to the unique needs and circumstances of our individual clients and their patient populations. The result is that international best practices and protocols are implemented locally, but in a way that recognizes the uniqueness of each location.

Innovative Tools to Support Your Integrated Care Path

ABJHI provides clients with a complete customized tool kit designed to help them generate maximal value from their integrated care path. Clients can select the entire kit or choose from a kit menu, which includes:

  • Data Collection Forms for measuring care path performance against international benchmarks.
  • Measurement Frameworks containing the data elements, key performance indicators and key composite performance indicators that must be tracked to measure performance of the care path against international benchmarks.

  • Continuous Improvement Reports to individual clinicians, public health agencies and private hospitals and clinics, showing their outcomes against benchmarks in their Measurement Framework.
  • Referral Forms in both electronic and scan-able paper formats, ensuring only the required information is collected, saving time at both the front and back ends of data management.

  • Patient Agreements setting out patient responsibilities and commitments leading up to surgery.
  • An Implementation Process for introducing and rolling out an integrated care path.
  • The Principles of Implementation.

  • Patient Guides for different bone and joint surgery types, such as hip and knee replacements.


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