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Alberta Bone and Joint Health Registry

The Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute (ABJHI) is developing an Alberta Bone and Joint Health Registry (‘ABJHR’).  The ABJHR will build the technical platform to enable an integrated dataset to create new research, knowledge and innovations to improve Albertans’ quality of life and function. The ABJHR will be developed in modules, starting with shoulder care. ABJHI plans to have the full, comprehensive ABJHR launched by spring 2025.

ABJHI’s Bone and Joint Health Registry will:

  1. be comprehensive in engaging with and collecting data from stakeholders across the continuum of care, including patients and across the public and private sectors;
  2. improve ease of access to high-quality data for research purposes;
  3. be transparent in processes for data acquisition, security, privacy and governance;
  4. generate reports providing evidence for real world and research application; and
  5. improve patient health outcomes.

One page overview of ABJHR

ABJHI has recently completed an Expression of Interest (EOI) process for Co-leads, a Registry Governance Committee, and a Shoulder Expert Group.




Please contact Christina Barr, Project Manager:  cbarr [at] albertaboneandjoint.com.





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