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Rheumatoid Arthritis Care Path at Advanced Stage

Work on the RA care path is well under way.

“A prototype has been developed and ABJHI is now working with a multidisciplinary committee of experts to expand and refine it using the best evidence available worldwide,” Andrea Emrick, ABJHI Project Manager, said.

There is no cure for RA but when diagnosed early and the right treatment is given, its effects can be managed and severe damage to the joints can often be avoided.

The RA care path includes the optimal intake and triage models for early intervention, rapid therapeutic treatment, and pain management. It sets out in logical sequence evidence-based practices and protocols of care. It is designed to improve the quality and coordination of care and make efficient use of public resources.

The care path is fully integrated recognizing that care for RA patients involves different medical disciplines and is most effective when delivered by a multidisciplinary partnership rather than through a provider-to-provider handoff.

The multidisciplinary committee of experts is led by rheumatologists from Edmonton and Calgary and includes family physicians, nurses, physiotherapists and a pharmacist.
ABJHI will design a pilot to test all aspects of the RA care path.



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