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Christopher Smith – Director of Operations (Technical)

Christopher Smith – Director of Operations (Technical)

Christopher’s responsibilities include leading ABJHI’s technical work to support the Bone and Joint Health Strategic Clinical Network, Alberta Health Services’ primary vehicle for promoting bone and joint health across the province.

Important aspects of his role are managing the processes and sophisticated information systems that support innovative change in health care service delivery, and guiding ABJHI’s efforts to support service providers and administrators in implementing change.

Christopher oversees all technical aspects of ABJHI’s operations, including its information systems, measurement and analysis functions, data security and governance, as well as internal and external reporting.

ABJHI’s dyad leadership structure comprising a Director of Operations for each of the Technical and Administrative areas recognizes that one major driver for the Institute’s success to date has been its ability to leverage the synergy of integrating sophisticated data analyses with change management expertise. Christopher is charged with ensuring continued operational excellence in the technical components of the Institute’s functions.

He holds an MBA from the University of Calgary and has spent more than a decade driving quality improvement in bone and joint health care in Alberta.