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About Our Founders: Dr. Cy Frank and J.R. (Bud) McCaig

J.R (Bud) McCaig - Founder, Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute

J.R. (Bud) McCaig

Cy Frank - Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute

Dr. Cy Frank

Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute grew out of a vision shared by Dr. Cy Frank and J.R. (Bud) McCaig. Both saw enormous value in creating an independent organization to serve as a catalyst for bettering patient care by influencing clinical practice, public policy, research and the exchange of knowledge.

Dr. Frank was a highly respected orthopaedic surgeon, a world-renowned researcher and an ingenious visionary. With his passion for innovation and his gift for inspiring others, he brought leading medical professionals and researchers to coalesce around his vision.

Mr. McCaig, known for his business successes and immense generosity to the community, was a powerful champion of medical advancement who had a passionate commitment to a revitalized and innovative public health system for Albertans. Part of a $10-million donation he made to fund a program of excellence in joint injury and arthritis was used in 2004 to launch and operate ABJHI. Mr. McCaig also enlisted the support of other business leaders to offer guidance and governance to the new institute.

The institute they founded in 2004 as a not-for-profit, charitable organization is today Canada’s only independent institute for channeling knowledge into better bone and joint health care services and the nation’s leading organization for engaging stakeholders in adopting best practices.

Mr. McCaig’s untimely death in January 2005 and Dr. Frank’s sudden passing in March 2015 meant the loss of two passionate voices. But they have left a lasting and powerful legacy – one of better medical practice, more enlightened public health policy, healthier research and a more robust exchange of knowledge in bone and joint medicine.

As stewards of the organization they founded, we at ABJHI are committed to lend life and force to their legacy for years to come.

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