About Us

ABJHI channels knowledge into better bone and joint health care services and is the nation’s leading organization for engaging stakeholders in adopting best practices.

Our work involves designing and evaluating innovative, evidence-based ways to deliver bone and joint health care service, searching out the latest evidence, measuring and reporting health care service performance, and managing projects for clients.

Bone and Joint among Fastest-growing Areas of Health Care Need

ABJHI is a not-for-profit formed in 2004 by people with an abiding commitment to improving outcomes for people with bone and joint disorders. We chose this area of medicine because safe, effective bone and joint care is among the fastest-growing areas of medical need worldwide.

Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, spinal disorders, low back pain, and major trauma are among 200 musculoskeletal conditions affecting hundreds of millions of people globally. The majority of these conditions are chronic, requiring ongoing costly medical treatment.

These debilitating conditions are painful, lead to loss of mobility and social isolation, inhibit the ability to work, and over long periods cause a deterioration of general health. The pervasiveness of these conditions around the globe and the high cost of care and lost productivity associated with them impose a heavy burden on society.

Our Guiding Principles

These 10 guiding principles are integrated into everything we do and say – they form the foundation of our collective identity.


All our decision-making and actions must stand the test of moral and principled behaviour.


Our actions and behaviour individually and collectively reflect our words. Honesty and sincerity form the foundation on which we build enduring relationships.


Personal health is among the most private of matters. The privacy of patient information is always protected.


All change in health care should be supported by evidence that it improves quality of care in some way.


We see the reasoned expression of differences – in opinions, character and interests – as a sign of passion and a source of energy.


We consider passion to be a commitment of the mind and the heart. It is a powerful force for change. We use our passion for bone and joint health care as a fuel for innovation and as an infectious energy for inspiring others.


The freedom to think differently is a gift; the ability to think differently is a talent. We cultivate this talent, use it all the time, and share with others the rewards it brings.


We recognize that health care is a shared responsibility and improvement in it requires a united effort.


We take ownership of our actions. We have the courage and confidence to hold ourselves accountable to our coworkers and to others with whom we interact. We know that in a healthy culture, improvement, not blame, is the purpose of accountability.

Continuous Improvement

We view goals not as finish lines but as milestones in an ongoing process to improve bone and joint health and health care. Improvement should have no end.

Our Mission

ABJHI works with Alberta’s health professionals, researchers and policy makers to close the gap between what we learn and what we do in bone and joint health care.


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